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2011        - Selected KNU specialization project(170,000USD/year)
                - Received the best BK21 (Brain Korea 21) Project team award
                - Selected Education capacity strengthen project

2009        Korea Association of Business Education
                Accreditation(KABEA) Certification accreditation

2007        - Started MSTM Program (SL participated)
                - Merged the Department of Business Admin. and Accounting

2006        Selected the 2nd BK21 (Brain Korea 21) Project (Total of 5.6 million USD Project)

2004        Graduate Program Support Project: Academic-Industrial Cooperation e-Business (Government funded about 150,000 USD)
                Selected NURI (New University for Regional Innovation) Project Top tier Mobile - Education of Professionals in Display Industry

2001        Initiated Techno MBA Program (Samsung Electronic Inc. and LG Electronic Inc. attended)


1984        Established Doctoral Program in Accounting

1982        Established Master Program in Accounting


1978        Established Doctoral Program in Business Admin.
1978         Established the Department of Accounting within the College of Economics and Business Admin.

1976        Established Master Program in Business Admin.

1972        Established the School of Business Admin. within the College of Economics and Business Admin