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Mission & Goals


The School of Business Administration provides students with intellectually stimulating learning opportunities and values scholarly research contributing to the academic as well as business communities.


The goals and objectives underpinning the mission of the School are the following:
1. Achieving excellence in the education and ethical proficiency of students through inspirational, individualized teaching and student advisement, supported by the exemplary ethical behavior of faculty members.

2. Developing the research abilities of the School’s faculty by stressing leading-edge research publication.

3.Serving the advancement and innovation of the local community through collaboration with alumni and regional industries.

4. Enhancing the global mindset of students and faculty through classroom teaching and on-site exposure to cross-cultural learning opportunities.
The School has a mission to provide a solid business education to students through an environment that promotes critical thinking and encourages intellectual contributions.
The School stresses the following values and characteristics :
ㆍWe value truth, pride and service which the University has focused on.

ㆍFaculty members contribute to a balanced program of teaching, research, and service.

ㆍWe value faculty publications in an intellectually stimulating learning environment.

ㆍWe recruit students from the southeastern region of Korea and offer undergraduate and graduate education programs preparatory for recruitment by global business corporations.